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A collection of enhancements designed to give you more from your online presence.

a helping hand.

Along with access to all of the services provided by ONE. I’ll also be sending you a copy of the Website Owner’s Manual.

This document needs to be kept safe as it contains all of the important details regarding your website and email services including your website login details, your web hosting setup, DNS records for your domain name and more besides.

You will need this information to be able to access your website to update it, add additional features and fix problems.  

Having all of this information in one place has proven to be a great resource for many of my other clients, so I will be providing it for your benefit too.

a well oiled machine.

Part of the continual success of a website lies in the ability to regularly maintain it.

The Website Owners Manual outlines the routine maintenance you will need to complete to so that your website keeps running smoothly.

A website is no different to a car, and like a car needs continual upkeep to prevent problems from occurring;  problems that could impact on your visitors experience, or even worse, take your website off line.

Keeping on top of it all.

I have been supporting WordPress websites since 2015, and can say from experience that 99% of the issues I have been paid to fix could have been prevented by running regular check-ups to the structure and framework that these sites have been built on.

Being pro-active instead of re-active will not only keep your website operating smoothly, but will also mean that you will be identify problems sooner.  As a result you will spend much less time and money either trying to rectify the problem yourself, or paying someone to fix it for you.

help is at hand.

Keeping your website running smoothly is not as straightforward as it should be so to help you out with this, I have dedicated a section of the Website Owners Manual to a list of activities that, if followed, can mitigate a lot of the problems you may come across as a website owner.

I have put these tasks into a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule so that your efforts can be concentrated, giving you the best results.

these tasks include things like ...

(but not limited to)

security monitoring.

You should setup and manage security protocols to prevent malicious web users from accessing your site and its content.

website & database backups.

You should check the integrity of your website backups so that you can be confident that you can restore from them if necessary.

software updates.

You should conduct regular software updates when they are available, and also have contingencies in place if software conflicts occur.

malware scaning

You should check website files regularly to determine if they have been compromised and if so, whether others have access to your site.

visual inspection.

You should make regular visual checks over your website so that you can identify and resolve any issues your visitors are seeing.

database optimisation.

You should optimise your websites database on a regular basis to stop it from becoming fragmented or even corrupted.

performance testing.

You should regularly check website performance so that you can resolve any issues that are detrimental to your visitors experience.

searching for broken links.

You should check for broken links so that your visitors do not find themselves looking at blank pages.

if i can do it then so can you.

If that all sounds a little bit overwhelming right now, fear not as there is an abundance of help and support out there that you can tap into. 

From YouTube videos, through to dedicated websites and  Facebook groups, the amount of people out there who are willing to help is truly remarkable.  And most of this help is free too.

All you need is the time, inclination and motivation to learn and keep on top of it all.

for those who would rather spend more time working in their business and less time working in the backend of their website ...

I present to you...

a membership that manages your website for you, and provides much more besides

weekly wordpress updates.

WordPress core files checked weekly and safely updated when they are available.

weekly theme / plugin updates.

Theme and plugins checked weekly and safely updated where available.

an enhanced backup solution.

A total of three unique backups stored offsite for complete peace of mind. 

site uptime monitoring.

Quicker response to any downtime thanks to continual monitoring of your site.

enhanced security.

Professional WordPress security measures and 2 Factor Authentication as standard.

Professional Analytics software

A graphical representation of your Google Analytics data in your website backend.

priority support

All support notifications answered in 24 hours of notification.

free development time included

A free 30 minute allocation of development time, worth £15 per month.

reduced development costs

Additional development work carried at £20 per hour, a 30% discount on my usual rates.


Free access to future enhancements that others will be charged for. (See below!)


ONE. has been developed to allow it to grow as you and your business does. As more people use ONE. it becomes apparent that there are additional  features that its users want and need.

ONE.EVOLUTION is a sister project that consults with people just like you to gain insight into the tools and functionality that, if added, would make ONE.. an even better prospect that it already is.

As a result of this consultation, the first enhancement (of many) being developed is a true GDPR solution that will go some way to ensuring that your website conforms to its legal requirements.  This is not offered by ANY other service.

ONE.PLUS members will have free access to the implementation and management of this service when it’s released.

the facts.

you can become A member at any time.

there's no contracts to tie you down.

there's no fees for cancelling.

there's no obligation to become a member.

but, join today and you will receive all the benefits along with a

50% discount

all the time your membership is active!

this is a one time only offer!

Yes that’s right, all of the above benefits, and all of those that are to come under ONE.EVOLUTION, for the ridiculously low price of £25 per month, all the while your membership is active.

This is your ONLY chance to secure that 50% discount. I won’t be offering it again.  Please don’t ask me for it in 3 months time because refusal often offends.  

If you want the benefits of ONE.PLUS at a 50% discounted rate, you will need to decide today.

You can become a member at any time, but after today you will be charged £49 per month.

to taKE advantage of that offer ...

you need to make a decision.

if you choose ONE.


is all you will pay for the first 12 months of service, but it will be your responsibility to …

  • Update WordPress, the theme and any plugins used, and resolve any update conflicts you come across.
  • Research and implement a security solution to keep your website free from malicious hands.
  • Learn how to optimise your database, you images and server side settings.

and any other recommendations that are made in your Website Owners Manual.

If you are happy to get under the hood and manage it all yourself, then why not?  Just remember that this is the ONE & ONLY chance to become a member of ONE.PLUS  while taking advantage of that amazing 50% discount.

if you are sure, then let's do it...

Start by sending me your details and let’s get working on your new online presence.

if you add


is what you will pay for the first 12 months of ONE. but by becoming a ONE.PLUS member for just


Per Month

Not only will you rid yourself of the responsibility of keeping your website running smoothly (I’ll be taking care of it for you), but you will also benefit from …

  • Managed security and maintenance solutions.
  • Managed site optimisation.
  • Priority support.
  • FREE development time.
  • Reduced service costs.
  • FREE access to additional features added by ONE.EVOLUTION.

ready? let's go...

Start by sending me your details and let’s get working on your new online presence.


your professional online presence.


allowing you to run your business while i look after your website.

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